Carbon fiber for all! The lower cost Silhouette keychain collection

Carbon fiber for all! The lower cost Silhouette keychain collection

*Header photo: Top - FineLine keychain, Bottom - Silhouette keychain

Do not be mistaken when we say lower cost, we don't mean lower quality. Instead we’ve taken our FineLine series of keychains and decreased the time it takes to make them. The less time we spend on a product, the cheaper we can sell it to you! We are still using our high-quality, in house manufactured carbon fiber/epoxy sheet. 

Introducing the Silhouette carbon fiber keychain series. This line features some of the greatest automotive icons, at a low cost. Don’t worry, you still get the same carbon fiber quality we’re known for. 

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Made in house, in Vaughan Ontario, these keychains are CNC-machined from our high-performance carbon fiber and epoxy sheets. Yes, we design, develop and make them ourselves because we are master carbon fiber experts with a passion for cars. 

What’s with the lower cost? 

Maybe you're familiar with our iconic FineLine keychain series. FineLine is, in our opinion, the best keychain there is. Inspired by supercars, we pay respects to our favourite automotive icons through an impeccable carbon rendition. Complete will all the fine details you'd find on the real car. 

It's a piece of art, with intricate lines, an impeccable finish and a workmanship like no other, and the price tag reflects that. 

So we wanted to create a new line of keychains, that are just as special, but at a lower cost.

Don't worry, we didn’t sacrifice the quality of our carbon fiber  it’s still the same carbon fiber we’d use on a $1 million car. By implementing design and manufacture changes that affects time, not the overall quality of the product, we’re able to sell this series of keychains at a lower price. 

Just like their "older brother"  Silhouette keychains are also offered in a gloss or satin surface finish.  

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What is the difference between the FineLine and the Silhouette series? 

  • The Silhouettes don’t have intricate and detailed engravings like the FineLine series does 
  • The Silhouettes are made from a single-sided carbon fiber sheet instead of a double-sided sheet 
  • The carbon fiber used for the Silhouettes is thinner than the carbon fiber used for the FineLine series 
  • The Silhouettes are machined with a larger diameter-end mill. This means that the FineLine has more defined contour details than the Silhouettes 
  • The Silhouettes don’t offer an option for a personalized engraving, but the the FineLines do 

We made this new keychain line because we want as many car enthusiasts as possible to enjoy well-manufactured, high-quality carbon fiber products!

Which series should I pick? 

That depends on what you're looking for. If you’re interested in getting the finest carbon fiber keychain version of your favourite car, you should choose from the FineLine series  these keychains really are a work of art. If you are looking for a less expensive gift for yourself or loved one, without sacrificing the material performance and manufacture quality, the Silhouette is the perfect choice.  There are less details featured in a silhouette keychain, but you can still appreciate and celebrate some of the greatest cars in our time. 

Made by STEVS the carbon fiber experts 

We're a Canadian company and we make everything in house without ever cutting corners. We're motivated by a passion and respect for the automotive world. We make the best carbon fiber products on the market. Our work is showcased on the road, on racetracks and in the garages of car enthusiasts like us. From repairs to custom builds to accessories and everything else in between, we're proud of what we do. Choose STEVS for all your carbon fiber needs.