F355 Carbon fiber lateral panels

$1,200 CAD

We're excited to offer the F355 lateral panels in high performance carbon fiber. 

The original Ferrari panels are manufactured in soft aluminum with a black wrinkle-finish coating. STEVS picked up where the factory left off, and we've improved these panels to remove weight and add an aesthetic appeal.

These panels are one of the first things that catch your eye when the hood is opened. The high-gloss carbon fiber beautifully complements the geometric surface features of these panels. 


  • Made from high-performance carbon fiber
  • Infused with high-quality epoxy resin
  • High gloss exterior surface finish
  • Plain weave carbon fiber visual layer
  • Direct replacement 
  • Bonded aluminum cable guide bracket
  • UV resistant clear coat
  • Less than half the weight of original (original panel weight: 570g, carbon panel weight: 210g)


  • 1995-1999 Ferrari F355
  • Please specify which trim you have from the drop-down menu (Berlinetta, GTS, Spider)

What's included

  • LH/RH carbon fiber lateral protection panels
  • (2) 3d printed cable guide clips (option to use original)
  • foam side strips and under padding (factory placement)

Additional product details

The 'STEVS' way

Our parts are made using 100% carbon fiber and epoxy composite manufactured using vacuum resin infusion technology. We select the highest quality materials every step of the way. Our multi-step clear coating process has been rigorously developed to achieve an extremely high standard in carbon fiber aesthetics and durability. Every part that leaves the shop is wet sanded and polished to a 'show car' quality finish. 

The 'other' way

Many other manufactures opt to use a single visual layer of carbon fiber, bulked up with a chopped strand fiberglass layer and cheap low grade polyester resin without vacuum consolidation. Coating are more often then not applied in the mould using a standard gelcoat that often times, pools up in corners and edges, resulting a part that is brittle and heavy. 

Lead time

This part has a manufacturing lead time of between 4-6 weeks. Updates and progress of build can be provided upon request. 

Shipping Details

We ship our products worldwide. Learn more in Shipping & Returns.

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