The Silhouette line of carbon fiber keychains are offered as a lower cost option to have a high quality carbon fiber keychain of your favourite automotive icon. Made in house, these keychains are CNC machined from our high performance carbon fiber/epoxy composite. By implementing design and manufacture changes that affect only the time to manufacture, and NOT the overall quality of the product, we are able to sell this series of keychains at a lower price.

The Silhouette keychains are also offered in a gloss or satin surface finish. 

What is the difference between the FineLine series, and the Silhouette series?

- The Silhouettes do not have an engraving of the cars fine details, like the FineLine series

- The Silhouettes are made from a single-sided carbon fiber sheet, rather than the FineLines double-sided

- The carbon fiber used for the Silhouettes is thinner than the carbon fiber used for the FineLine series

- The Silhouettes are machined with a larger diameter end mill. This means that the FineLine has more defined contour details than the Silhouettes

- The Silhouettes do not offer an option for a personalized engraving, as the FineLines do


By using these manufacturing revisions for the Silhouettes we are able to offer them at a much lower price point than the FineLine series. If you are interested in getting the finest carbon fiber keychain version of your favourite car, you should choose from the FineLine series. If you are looking for a cheaper gift for yourself or loved one, without sacrificing the material performance and manufacture quality, the Silhouette is the perfect choice.