Our story

We're devoted to sustaining the passion of automotive culture by creating high-quality automotive components and personal accessories. Our choice of material is carbon fiber, our inspiration? The automotive legends that have redefined the way we see cars.

We’re STEVS Design — a specialty shop that makes premium carbon fiber parts. We use the latest manufacturing technologies while still maintaining the fundamental practices of design (like clay sculpting and hand rendering) to transform an idea into a final product. We believe in the importance of artistry and in completely immersing all our senses into every product we make.

We're also a supply manufacturer for all things carbon fiber: from art and sculptures to interior décor, to anything else you can think of. We'll work with you on any level, like creating a one-off component or designing and manufacturing an entire line of marketable items. Our specialties are in high-end moulded carbon fiber components and CNC routing. But we also offer other services like 3D design, prototyping, composite repair, consulting and more. 

We're located in Vaughan, Ontario but we service Canada and the entire world.


STEVS Design was founded in 2012 by Matthew Ristevski — a car guy with a particular passion for 80s- and 90s-Euro cars. In fact, Matt started off designing and manufacturing components for classic European automobiles and later expanded into custom product lines and composite services. STEVS Design is built on the philosophy of never cutting corners and always maintaining a sincere passion for premium materials, attention to detail and stellar quality.