Carbon fiber sheet 6"x6" - Double-sided

$68.31 CAD
Thickness (mm):0.8
Surface finish:Gloss
Weave type:2x2 Twill

Order our premium, double-sided carbon fiber sheet for your next project. These sheets feature an aesthetic surface finish on both sides. If you don't need a finished surface on both sides, and are looking for a more economical option, shop from our single-sided carbon fiber sheets. 

The carbon fiber advantage

Carbon fiber is a high-performing material that marries strength and stiffness without adding unnecessary weight. We offer many ways to customize your carbon fiber sheet to meet your unique needs. Spec out your sheet just the way you want it, from thickness, surface finish, weave type and more.

Get your carbon fiber sheets just the way you want them

Before you place your order, select your options from the drop-down menus.

1. Choose your thickness

Choose from our standard thicknesses. If you don’t know what thickness to pick, or you don’t see the thickness you need, check out some examples in Carbon fiber - specifications & customization. If you need more help and you have specific questions, contact us

2. Choose your surface finish

Our standard surface finishes come in gloss and satin. If you need a finish that’s not listed, or you need your sheet clear-coated for extra protection, contact us. Our signature finish is achieved through a controlled tooled surface. So, all of your sheets will have a consistent finish no matter when you order them.

3. Choose your visual weave

Choose from our standard weaves and get the look you want. To see the look of each weave type, check out the overview section in Carbon fiber - specifications & customization.

4. Choose your quantity

Specify how many customized sheets you need.

Are we missing something?

If you don’t see a particular option or size, please contact us. We’ll work with you directly to meet your needs.

CNC cutting

Do you need your carbon fiber cut to a certain shape? We’ve got you covered. Learn more about our custom cutting services and how to submit a request for quote on our CNC services page.

Shipping and lead time

While we do stock some common carbon fiber sheet sizes and thickness, most sheets are made to order. Manufacturing lead time is 5-10 working days.

We ship our products worldwide. Learn more in Shipping & returns.

More about us:

STEVS design is located in Vaughan, Ontario. We're a Canadian company that serves the Greater Toronto Area and the rest of the world. No matter where you are, you can enjoy our premium carbon fiber components, accessories, sheets and custom parts.

Why choose STEVS?

We're carbon fiber experts, and we pride ourselves in making premium carbon fiber products. STEVS is synonymous with meticulous attention to detail and integral workmanship. Making carbon fiber parts is an art — one that we respect and take very seriously. Every part is scrutinized to meet our high-quality standards.

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