Carbon fiber - specifications & customization

Single or double-sided

We manufacture and cut both single and double-sided carbon fiber sheets. Find out which option is better for your project.


A single-sided panel can be used for most applications. One side of the panel is finished in high gloss or satin, with the opposite side in a ‘peel-ply’ finish— which is ideal for adhesive bonding.


Our double-sided sheets feature a consistent tooled surface on both sides, in either gloss or satin. If secondary bonding is needed, the bond area should be sanded and cleaned with acetone. Double-sided sheets are priced higher because of extra manufacturing steps.


Various thicknesses of carbon fiber

Thickness is one of the most important properties to consider when designing your carbon fiber component. Whether your application requires a flexible veneer for aesthetics or a rigid plate for a fixture, we have several thicknesses available. We can manufacture sheets to your specified thickness within a certain tolerance. If you don't know what your components thickness should be, we can help you make the decision based on the type of project you're working on.




Veneer layer great for covering trim panels using double-sided tape


Visual panels, gauge bezels, light-duty mounting brackets


Drone frames, heavy-duty brackets, linkage arms and levers

Surface finish

We offer our carbon fiber sheet in three standard surface finishes and can also create custom surface finishes based on your requirements.

Gloss and satin finish of carbon fiber

The traditional ‘deep’ and ‘dark’ carbon fiber finish. A high-gloss surface accentuates the fibers brilliantly in the light. This will give you that stunning ‘holographic’ look that carbon fiber's renowned for.


For those looking for a more subtle carbon fiber look with a touch of elegance and charm, a satin finish is the perfect choice. We manufacture our satin carbon using a controlled surface finish, so you'll get a consistent finish with every sheet.

Peel ply (textured)
Textured - peel ply - carbon fiber finish

This surface finish is ideal for adhesive bonding. This finish doesn't require any further preparation other than an acetone clean. The texture left by the peel ply provides a great mechanical bond to any compatible adhesive.

Weave type

Choose from a selection of different carbon fiber weaves to best suit your project. 

2x2 Twill - The most recognizable carbon fiber look.

2x2 twill carbon fiber

Plain - A subtle carbon fiber weave, most commonly found on Ferrari's.

Plain weave carbon fiber

4x4 twill - A high-tech looking weave found on many modern hyper-cars.

4x4 twill weave carbon fiber 

Layup schedule

A composite layup schedule can play a key role in product performance. Some applications may require more strength along one axis over another, or may need more ‘twist’ than ‘bend’. The layup schedule determines these properties. For most 2D components, a symmetrical layup with equal stiffness along the X and Y axis is ideal. We manufacture our standard sheets with a cross-ply fabric orientation. If you require a quasi-isotropic or a custom layup, we can work with you to meet your needs.


Our carbon fiber sheets are manufactured in-house using sophisticated vacuum bagging and resin infusion processes. Thickness tolerances will range +/-0.5mm -- the thicknesses are based on the number of material layers and types chosen for the layup. For more demanding applications, thicknesses can be machined down to within a tighter tolerance. 

While most of the time our sheets are made with virtually zero porosity, there may be scenarios on larger sheets where minimal porosity is evident. Porosity will always be less than 99.9% of the surface area. This does not affect the overall structure of the composite and will be filled if the plate is clear coated.