The FineLine collection celebrates the greatest cars of our time

The FineLine collection celebrates the greatest cars of our time

With the recent launch of our STEVS FineLine keychains and tie clips, I wanted to take some time to talk about the inspiration and development behind this unique collection.

Just like any STEVS product, my team and I never cut corners and we scrutinize every detail. The result? Well-made, beautifully designed keychains and tie clips. FineLine is a labour of love; one that i'm very proud of and here's why:

The story behind our carbon fiber keychains:

STEVS design is a specialty shop in Vaughan Ontario. They make premium carbon fiber car parts, components, sheets, accessories, keychains, tie clips and more.

The FineLine collection pays tribute to some of the greatest performance cars of our time. Our tie clips and keychains are inspired by these automotive icons. And for car-lovers like you, FineLine is a great way for you to show off your favourite ones.

I love super cars and carbon fiber, so I wanted to make a personal accessory that combines both of these things.

The carbon fiber keychains are the first products launched under the FineLine brand — the tie clips came after.

My keychain collection has something for everyone, and at a reasonable price. Whether you own, hope to own, or just like cars, there's a car-inspired keychain for you.

The FineLine keychain is more than just keychain, its a work of art if I do say so myself. The level of detail is outstanding; we highlight all the intricate details in a beautiful piece of machined carbon fiber.

Every keychain is made out of high-quality, double-sided carbon fiber — the same grade of carbon fiber that you'd find on an actual super car.

The carbon fiber sheets we use are made in our Vaughan, Ontario shop using the same materials we use for our high-performance automotive components.

We also use super strong epoxy resins instead of cheaper alternatives because it's important for us to make our carbon fiber parts with integrity.
I will never skimp out on quality because I want both you and I to be proud and excited of the products that come out of out shop.

I call it like I see it, there's this big push for mass production and somehow we've sacrificed the love of the craft for dollars and cents. It's not just about making a sale, it's about connecting with other people who have a love and respect for car culture, carbon fiber and good design this is why I do what I do. 

Whether it's something small, like a keychain, or a large part for a multi-million dollar car, I give all my products the same respect. I personally make sure every thing I make meets our stringent standards.

How we make our carbon fiber sheets:

Close up of a STEVS double-sided carbon fiber sheet. Made in Canada.

The FineLine keychains are precision machined from ‘double-sided’ carbon fiber sheets. When I say ‘double-sided’, I'm referring to the surface finish.

A standard single-sided carbon fiber sheet or component has a smooth and straight surface on one side and a rough textured finish on the other side. This rough finish is a result of a manufacturing process — most composite components will have a rough or textured side.

But I take the carbon fiber keychains one step further. The sheets are made with the same surface finish, in gloss or satin, on both sides. This feature not only looks better, but it also gives you an extra bit of personalization: a custom engraving option!

For an additional fee we'll engrave the back of your keychain with the text of your choice.

Extra customization:

Close up of a custom STEVS carbon fiber keychain. This keychain is made to look like a Mercedes Benz 190E.  Designed and made in Canada.

A more recent addition to the FineLine carbon fiber keychain line is the option to recreate your own customized car — in carbon fiber greatness.

It's a completely unique way to celebrate all the modifications you've made to your car.

From capturing your custom wheels to distinct designs features, you can order a custom FineLine carbon fiber keychain that truly represents your ride.

If you want to take a look at a great example of a custom FineLine carbon fiber keychain, you can check out the STEVS 190e keycahin. Compare it to a stock 190e 2.3-16V. To see more custom designs, check out our Instagram page.

Expansion to carbon fiber tie clips:

Close up of a STEVS carbon fiber tie clip on a man's tie. Made in Canada

The STEVS brand is synonymous with innovation and smart design. We're always working on new ideas and better ways of making carbon fiber components and accessories. After launching the FineLine keychain collection, I wanted to expand my keychain designs to something people could wear and showoff.

And thus the FineLine tie clip was born. Our tie clips are a great way to keep your tie in check, but they also create a subtle opportunity to wear your favourite car.

With all the hard work that went into creating our carbon fiber keychains, I wanted to make sure we created something that you can wear too.

At first glance the FineLine tie clips look very similar to the keychains, but they're engineered in a different way.

The tie clips are made out of single-sided carbon fiber for two reasons:

  1. A single-side means a thinner profile which looks sleeker and more streamline on a tie
  2. In order to bond the "clip" to the back of the tie clip, you need the back of the carbon fiber plate to be rough

Carbon fiber sheets are incredibly strong and stiff even when they're made very thin. We use the same methods and principles to manufacture our tie clip as we would to build multi-million-dollar super cars. Yes, we build those too!

Just like the keychains, the tie clips come in gloss or satin surface finishes. You pick which one you like.

The philosophy behind the FineLine collection:

The FineLine keychains and tie clips emphasize a couple of things: the aesthetic appeal and strength of carbon fiber and our artistic rendition of some of the most iconic automotive designs.

One of the strange philosophies shared among car-lovers alike is that your key should always be un-cluttered and ideally, you should only have one keychain on your key. So, we created a keychain that not only looks cool, but also reduces stress on the car's ignition tumbler and feels comfortable in your pocket.

Carbon fiber is the best choice of material for our keychains and tie clips. They're so light which means there's no unnecessary weight or stress.

Even though carbon fiber is super light, it's also super strong. It doesn't break or bend like plastic or aluminum would. Carbon fiber also adds a certain visual appeal. It just looks cool. The weave is almost hypnotizing and when it reflects in the light, you can catch all of the intricate design details.

Three carbon fiber keychains, Porsche 911, Porsche 944 turbo and Ferrari F50, on a sheet of carbon fiber

Since launching FIneLine, we've received lots of support and praise for our carbon fiber keychains and tie clips. Our customers are extremely supportive. We've been getting a lot of positive feedback and that makes us push harder to do even better.

I sometimes hold one of these guys in my hands and I'm blown away. 'Did I really design this?' It's overwhelming because making carbon fiber parts was always a dream of mine and here I am doing just that.

The best way to appreciate all the features of the FineLine keychains and tie clips is by holding one yourself. The pictures and videos we have online really don't do them justice.

The FineLine collection is a work of art in its own right. As soon as the light slides across the beautiful weaves, you can really see the precision and machined details. Get your own carbon fiber keychain or carbon fiber tie clip.