Christmas gift ideas for car lovers

Christmas gift ideas for car lovers

It's the season of candy canes and jingle bells. And if you've started making that list and checking it twice, we'll help you find the perfect Christmas gift for the car lover in your life.

Finding the perfect gift can be pretty daunting, but a great starting point is with a person’s passion. Once you narrow down the passion, then look for quality and the ‘cool factor’.

If you have found yourself here, you’re in the right place. At STEVS Design we design and manufacture products for serious car lovers, using the latest technologies and highest performing materials. The same materials found on the fastest super cars and racing cars. We know this because we work with them!

The STEVS factor, which makes us truly unique, comes down to us applying everything we know about motorsports into a line of products that can be enjoyed in everyday life and off the track.

Here are a few of our product lines that can make the perfect gift this Christmas:

NEW: Carbon fiber cigar stands 

carbon fiber cigar stand

For the cigar aficionado in your life, gift them something they didn’t know they wanted. Our newly released of carbon fiber cigar stands are here! Combining automotive design and engineering with another passion of ours, we’ve created a whole new take on cigar stands.

These stands are designed to elevate your lit cigar, to free up your hands while smoking. They are precision CNC’d from our double-sided carbon fiber sheet, and are super strong and durable. For extra on-the-go convenience, look for the keychain versions, which use a Kevlar string to tie the two pieces together. Link it to your keychain to add some extra carbon fiber goodness to your everyday life.

Shop our cigar stands.

Keychains that represent the greatest automotive icons 

These keychains are the result of pushing the envelope for intricacy of design,  carbon fiber quality and manufacturing limits. The end mills we use to manufacture these hand-held sculptures are less than 1mm in diameter.

We have 2 collections: 

The FineLine series

porsche 911 turbo carbon fiber keychain

See these keychains in detail

This series is a work of art in its own right. We wanted to make a premium carbon fiber keychain that really highlights the intricate lines and details of our favourite cars. These key chains are manufactured from our own high-quality, double-sided carbon fiber sheets and are offered in a high-gloss or satin finish.

To get those intricate details, we use precise CNC-machining to cut and engrave the carbon fiber. No other carbon fiber key chain rivals our quality and attention to detail.

If you really want to 'WOW' your car lover, treat them to a STEVS FineLine keychain. This keychain truly comes alive when held out in the sun to expose the mesmerizing weave and intricate engraving. It really is the coolest carbon fiber keychain there is. 

These keychains can be personalized with a custom engraving too for an extra cost.

The Silhouette series

carbon fiber car keychain

See our Silhouette keychains in detail

Our Silhouettes are made with the same high-quality carbon fiber we're known for but these keychains offer a more minimalistic look. We turned the dial back on the FineLine keychains in order to create the Silhouettes and offer them at a lower price. To learn more about the differences between the Silhouettes and the FineLine’s check out our recent blog post.

Order a custom keychain

For the enthusiast with a unique ride, or one they've proudly modified, why not gift them a custom keychain that looks just like their car-baby? Send us a photo of their car and we will design a FineLine carbon fiber keychain that recreates all their personal touches. We’ll also add a personalized engraving on the back of the keychain for free!

Get started with a custom car FineLine carbon fiber keychain.

FineLine carbon fiber tie clips

Oh yes, we did. We reworked our FineLine keychains and turned them into a tie clip. We use the same techniques creating this tie clip, as we do for making a part for a LeMans winning race car. “If it’s heavy, its expensive”. On the contrary with carbon fiber, weight is what we are avoiding, lightness means speed. You can barely feel this tie clip in your hand. This is a great way to keep a tie in place, while giving a subtle nod to performance and passion.

Check out our FineLine tie clips in more detail.

Still can’t decide? Get a gift card

We understand. Sometimes its hard to pinpoint exactly what someone wants, especially someone extremely particular. That’s why we now offer gift cards which can be used on everything in our shop, including custom services!

Shop our gift cards.

FREE carbon fiber book mark

free carbon fiber bookmark

We want to give you something special when you order from us, because you deserve it. Enjoy a FREE carbon fiber bookmark – you heard us right – when you order anything on our site, for any amount. This offer is valid for the rest of 2020.